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Impact of Capacity and Limitation on Goal Achievement

Everyone has a certain capacity and limitation (mental, emotional, and physical) towards performing tasks. Some of the capacity is dedicated towards fulfilling daily functions and routines, while we often allocate the remainder of the capacity towards accomplishing dreams and aspirations. If your daily life is chaotic, unpredictable, and time consuming, ambitions tend to be marginalized and can be difficult to pursue. Hence, Believe It was created to support anyone to reach their fullest potential and accomplish their goals. Believe It is designed to evaluate your daily routines and activities to identify your capacity and limitations. With this insight, Believe It works to educate you on the relevant psychosocial factors that may either hinder or support your success. Positive techniques are introduced to maximize your time and energy towards achieving your goals while minimizing the negative factors that obstruct you.  Believe It provides you with a personalized, attainable, and result oriented project plan. The plan is tracked, continuously adjusted, and supported throughout daily E-Coaching and affirmations to increase your chances of success in accomplishing your goals.

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Aligning Psychosocial Factors and Goal Setting to Empower People

Psychological states include mood, emotional regulation, self-esteem, and active coping skills.  They have significant influence on one’s stress regulation, which in turn has a direct impact on mental and physical health.  Psychosocial factors include social support, sense of security, and financial independence which are foundational to one’s life before a desired goal can be considered achievable. Let us imagine one is aspiring to travel to space. Such a goal was once impossible; however, currently is seamlessly achieved as proven by frequent launches from around the world. To further analyze this goal, two major components must independently exist, and yet must be compatible when merged: a launching site and a launch vehicle. The launch site must be fixed, stable, distant from “noise”, and have optimum and predictable climate to minimize any negative impact once the launch sequence begins. Alternatively, a well designed and meticulously built travel vehicle is necessary to ensure successful transport to space. Reflecting on this example, one’s psychological state and psychosocial factors are the launch site, space is one’s aspiration, and Believe It is the vehicle.  Hence, we would like to invite anyone to visit and explore Believe It, as we are confident it would be the last step you take towards unlocking your fullest potential. 


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